Aspire Sports Therapies is proud to celebrate diversity in all its forms. We vehemently oppose injustice and persecution of vulnerable groups. One of the most inspiring and exciting things about practicing bodywork is treating bodies of every color, shape, size, age, and ability.

If you, a friend, or a loved one need massage and cannot afford our standard rates, please contact us for flexible options and sliding scale payment. We support BIPOC communities who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and other public health crises, social stigma and racism, and socioeconomic disparity. Everybody - and every body - deserves dignity, opportunity, and resources for optimal health and wellness; Aspire is committed to being a part of that solution.

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Due to stringent sanitation requirements and the tenuous position of touch therapy businesses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we are no longer offering packages. Specific requests for outcalls will be considered on an individual basis.


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Who We Are

Sara Clawson Pearse

Sara Pearse, the owner and founder of Aspire Sports Therapies, is a nationally-recognized expert on sports massage and bodywork in endurance sports. With 12 years' experience in the profession, she has worked with pro cycling teams on three continents, Olympic medalists, NCAA athletics programs, and professional sports franchises. Sara specializes in sports and deep tissue massage with a strong emphasis on injury rehabilitation and prevention, competition preparation and recovery, and performance optimization.


With an MS in sports medicine from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a background in kinesiology education, Sara also enjoys teaching and developing continuing education courses for bodywork therapy professionals. Sara's vision for AST is to build a collective of like-minded sports medicine practitioners to serve as the athletes' pit crew, fine-tuning every aspect of performance from fuel mix and mental conditioning to mechanical efficiency.

When she isn't in the office or on the road with a team, you can find Sara training for cyclocross (it's coming, folks, it's always coming), working in her garden, with a paint brush in her hand, or keeping her fingers limber on the piano keys. For more information about appointments and team travel, visit

Merrily Lyons

Merrily Lyons is a massage and bodywork therapist who is passionate about assisting others in relieving pain and recovering from injuries. She is dedicated to providing clients with unique sessions based on body assessment and a combination of myofascial release and deep tissue manipulation. She has training in myofascial release, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and chair massage, and she has experience with a wide range of athletic injuries, such as IT band syndrome, sciatica, and rotator cuff dysfunctions.

Merrily is a graduate of the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork based out of Charlotte, NC. Prior to enrolling at NCSAB, she attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Merrily is currently pursuing Master’s degree in athletic training at UNC-Greensboro, anticipating graduation in May 2021.

As a native of Charlotte, NC, Merrily is no stranger to the plethora of outdoor activities offered by the city and state. She enjoys a wide variety of sports and physical activity, such as dance, running, weight lifting, yoga, swimming, and hiking. She also enjoys crocheting and spending time with her friends and family in her free time.

Lisa Hill

Lisa takes pride in the ability to care and listen to the needs of others and tailoring the massage to fit the needs of the individual client sets her apart from the ordinary.

Graduating in 2002 from White River Massage School, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Lisa continued her education at RainStar University, Scotsdale, Arizona expanding her skills by studying multiple modalities including motherhood massage, reflexology, sports massage, deep tissue, and hot stone. She attended the Upledger Institute in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is licensed in  Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Caring for an aging father precipitated a family relocation to South Beach, Miami, Florida in 2002. This move gave Lisa the opportunity to enhance her work and study experience by serving one of the most demanding and upscale massage therapy audiences in the country.

Her expanding expertise, popularity with clients and a reputation for excellence led Lisa to the five-star Ritz-Carlton Hotel. She gained valuable experience working with some of the most talented therapists from around the world. Guests included high profile figures from the world of sports, entertainment, business, and even foreign dignitaries . The spa was quickly voted second on Mary Gostelow’s list of top ten spas in the nation.  Lisa won the “Award of Excellence,” given to only two hotel associates throughout the entire employee base, and coordinated massage services for the  Masters Golf Tournament.


In 2005, Lisa was recruited by Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, California. While living and working on the California coast, Lisa learned that she was going to become a grandmother. This precipitated a decision to move near her expanding family in Augusta, Georgia where she opened her own successful massage business in 2014. While in Augusta, Lisa was recruited to assist a high profile country club with international clientele in opening a full service spa. Lisa was specifically recognized for developing a specialized massage for golfers. Lisa brings her commitment to excellence to Aspire Sports Therapies, providing a massage experience that is both rejuvenating and therapeutic.

Lisa is not currently accepting new clients; current clients are encouraged to contact her directly regarding scheduling options.



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